Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. —Langston Hughes

I am dreamer, an author, syndicated newspaper columnist, inspirational speaker and self-proclaimed Chief Evangelist of Joy.

I’m a believer!  I believe that I was chosen for a work that is yet unfolding. I believe in the power of words…words have the potential to inspire, uplift, heal, empower, and connect us with one another and with the heart of Christ.  Because of my love for words, I’m also working on fine-tuning another title—that of “wordsmith.” Writing is, indeed, a labor of love and this blog is my way of reaching out to others around the globe with words of joy, fearlessness, faith and confidence.

My dream today is to impart the good news of the Gospel…the evangelion in a different way. Technology has opened doors we couldn’t have dreamed about when Floyd and I first stepped onto the path of servant leadership.

Finally, I’m a messenger who wants everyone within my reach to know that they can be awesome. You can have an authentic, genuinely deep relationship with the great God of the universe!

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