It’s that time. Once again.  (Wait, no, I’m not complaining. I’m really, really glad to be present, alive!) The last vestiges of 2013 have washed away.  Each new wave.  Each surge of the tide. Each twist, turn and bend in the road ahead may be somewhat of a mystery, but it is God’s gift to […]

All Things

Hands placing last piece of a Puzzle

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome has an important message about how life works. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” —Romans 8:28 I’m not a good juggler. Are you? At the moment, I have so […]

What Do You Fear?


How many fears should you have? I believe the number should be zero. According to WebMD, 19 million people in America experience phobias. A phobia is an intense, prevailing, irrational fear that leaves you powerless over your reactions. These extreme, life-altering feelings of anxiety aren’t diminished by telling yourself your fears simply don’t make sense. […]

The Help You Never See


When our enemies heard the work was complete and the surrounding nations saw our wall, their confidence crumbled. Only one possible conclusion could be drawn: it was not just our efforts that had done this thing.    God had been working alongside us.  —Nehemiah 6:16 (The Voice)  Here’s one thing we assume about God’s Word: […]

Tell Them Your Story


Then Joshua told the people…your children will ask you why these rocks are here. Tell them “The Lord our God dried up the Jordan River so we could walk across….”  He wants everyone on earth to know how powerful he is. And he wants us to worship only him. —Joshua 4:21-24, CEV I knew a woman once […]

Wherever You Pitch Your Tent, Build an Altar


then he set up his tents and built an altar there to honor the God of Israel. —Genesis 33:20, Contemporary English Version One of the memorable songs of the Motown era—made famous by the Temptations—was a seventies tune with lyrics written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”  It has been […]

Summer Is As Sweet As Apple Pie with Ice Cream


I marvel at the funny actions of my one-year old great granddaughter, Lizzie. She often walks around looking up at the ceiling…it’s as if she can see angels. When we look up and follow her gaze, we see nothing. Perhaps the cares of the world and the mundane concerns which come with decades of daily […]

Fathers Paint Beautiful Pictures


“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…” Proverbs 13:22 Fathers create beauty when they invest time, energy, love and patience into children. The investment of about two decades can result in a lifetime of blessings for several generations. The most memorable photo I have of my father is of him at the […]