4 Ways to Leap into the Future God Designed for You

Ordinarily, we would be finished with February about now. Yesterday would have been the last 24 hours in this month. But 2012 offerered the wonderful blessing of twenty-four extra hours.  It’s a bonanza! Here are some ways you can soar into March with a bound.  These four steps will give you guaranteed triumph:

  1. Lift—Elevate the name of the Lord in all you do. Every moment infused with praise becomes a moment of power.  Lifting Him connects you with the source of power you need to accomplish your life’s mission. Plug in, hook up, energize = praise God!
  2. Encourage—Lend confidence and support to someone. This is much like doing spiritual push-ups. You may not know what your life’s work is, but know this—it has something to do with benefiting, inspiring, encouraging and uplifting others.
  3. Assert—You are a chosen vessel of the Most High God.  Profess it clearly. You have a right to declare the authenticity of who you are. Claim your heritage as a King’s kid.
  4. Pray—Like lights, your prayers ascend from your lips to the very throne room of God. Even if you whisper, God leans over the edge of heaven to listen. Prayer makes a difference.


  1. I am very encouraged by the “4 ways to leap in the future God designed for me.” I had almost given up on life after experiencing many life challenges: sick wife, school fees for our children and others. Please pray for me and my family.

  2. This was wonderful to read today. Somehow especially today. It is the exclamation mark on my day. It’s hard to verbalize. The words “spiritual connectedness” come to mind.

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