Say My Name

In Your name I rejoice all day long, and in Your righteousness I am exalted. For You are the glory of my strength, and in Your favor my horn is exalted.
–Psalm 89:16-17

Here’s a parenting or mentoring assignment. For parents or mentors of young people of all ages–but particularly pre-teens, teens and college students, please give your young charges a late summer assignment.

Nothing improves written communication skills like reading a quality book, article or newspaper. (If your child is too young to read, I know you already read to them.
And, I think I’ll throw in a Bible reading assignment. Not an exceptionally long one—like Psalm 119—but just a few verses. Try reading the above verses of Psalm 89.

Getting to know God personally is a wonderful thing. Our personal relationship with Him will grow closer each day. From the depths of my heart, I want the Word of God to come alive for those who seek Him. The aim is to make the Word personal.
Here’s a secret. I love taking the promises of God’s kindness and divine favor and personalizing them. (You should do this too!) Then, I know that those promises are all mine.

As parents and mentors, encourage young people within your reach to read the Bible and remember that, even though these inspired words were written long before they were born, God is saying their name!
I have a young friend who I’m mentoring—I’ll call her Linda. I encouraged Linda to insert her own name in Psalm 89 and to do it as follows.

In the Lord’s name Linda rejoices all day long, and in the Lord’s righteousness Linda is exalted. For the Lord is the glory of Linda’s strength, and in His favor Linda’s horn is exalted.
The psalmist repeats words he’d heard God say in a vision. In verse 24, God himself speaks your name, reiterating the promises we have in Christ—
Through My name, Linda’s horn will be exalted.
Horn means strength, power.

Your strength comes from God’s power flowing through you.
You are exalted! You are applauded. Your divine favor is enthusiastically recognized.

Walking in divine favor means that your accomplishments far exceed your expectations because of the Lord’s strength.
Speak the Lord’s name and don’t forget to insert yours. Every time, every day.

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