This is not like a lesson in physics or quantum theory. It is, however, a lesson designed to show that the catalyst for our joy is a fundamental constant. How much joy we have depends on how much joy we want!

Most people think in the context that joy is like the weather. Our joy is either hot or cold, present or absent, on or off. We incorrectly assume that fixed external factors determine the scale of joy we experience.  We believe we have no personal, individual control over our joy.

We believe our joy results primarily from things like dollars in our wallets, the square footage of our homes, the cars in the garage, the carats in our diamonds, and other measures of apparent success. Not true.

Joy is something we regulate. Just like we turn the thermostat up to get more air conditioning in summer or more heat in winter, we can also adjust the amount of joy that we have in our lives at any given moment.

The dimension of joy is entirely up to you!

The degree of joy is all in your hands.

The magnitude of your joy is completely under your control.

The Word speaks to us definitively about the source of full joy. Jesus had an abundance of the Father’s joyfulness, and as we grow in Christ-likeness, we grow in His joy. These words, spoken about Jesus Christ by the Apostle Peter, quote the prophetic words of David recorded in Psalm 16:8-11.

Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance.—Acts 2:28

Life!  What a fascinating journey. Yet, unfortunately, too many of us listen to self-defeating words and discouragement. We are on the brink of experiencing the greatest deficit of joy that the world has ever known.  Why? Because we are so accustomed of seeking joy in external things. Continual joy comes only from continually practicing His presence in our everyday lives.

It’s time to get ready for your moment of unsurpassed joy! Can you sustain it? The goal is to make your joy last, not just for a moment—for a lifetime! In Christ, we enjoy God’s presence and favor forever.

With that level of joy, suddenly—anything is possible.

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