You are powerful! You exist to make a difference. You are an integral part of God’s plan for His universe.

In his New York Times best seller, The Butterfly Effect, author Andy Andrews explains how everything that we do sets something else in motion somewhere on the planet. As Andy describes in his tiny, illustrative book, everything you do matters. And not just for you, but for everyone—both now and for all of eternity.

Everything has a pivotal impact. Each decision you make. Every word you speak, action you take, and move you make has an impact on someone’s life. Andy is not just talking about how you shape the life of the person seated on the sofa next to you right now or the one working in the cubicle across the hall.  That someone—the recipient of your influence—might be half a world away or, perhaps, yet unborn.

What you do makes a difference.

I think you already knew that.  However, the realities presented in The Butterfly Effect will cause you to rethink how significantly you impact the universe. Andy unveils a wider, deeper, more global purpose for your existence. It is this depth of purpose you may not have completely understood. In this little 100-page book, with glossy pages and calming pictures, Andy goes on to say that you influence families, neighborhoods, ecosystems, businesses, technology, art, society…all of life.

Yes, I’m talking about YOU!

The theory of the butterfly effect is that the flapping of one butterfly in some part of the world can have a far-reaching, phenomenal impact somewhere else. Tiny changes in the atmosphere can alter the path of a tornado or cause a typhoon halfway around the globe.

As I contemplate that thought today, I’m intrigued by the possibilities of this ripple effect—how one seemingly insignificant that I do or say can affect a generation I may never meet. A word I speak may inspire a great artist. Or save a life. Or heal a broken heart. So, I guess that’s why I’m here.

In 2001 when the oncologist diagnosed my incredible fatigue, not as the result of overwork, but as stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I had a frank talk with the Lord.  It was an up close and personal, get down, “Jesus, I’ve-really-got-to-speak-with-You” conversation. I told God that I did not want my husband to have to do ministry without me. I was Floyd Prude’s helpmeet, his right arm. I was his sounding board, road dog, one-person support team;  you name it. “I love Heaven, Lord,” I said, “but I just can’t go now!” Yes, I heard the doctor. Of course, I knew how serious the diagnosis was. However, my response was to say to my body “By His stripes I am healed” and to my oncologist, “What kind of medicine do you have for this? Just give me some of it because I’ve got stuff to do!”

I know that God honored my determination to live and not die. He rewarded the claim I made on each healing scripture. Each day I literally rewrote Psalm 91:16  by changing the pronouns and putting myself in the passage, saying,  “With long life He will satisfy ME and show ME His salvation.” (I think I got that from Dodie Osteen so I want to give her credit.)

What occurs to me now is that I suppose it never occurred to me to include in my prayers the fact that, conversely, I didn’t want to minister without Floyd. I assumed a mutual continuity of our life together; that, of course, would be a given. Certainly, being a widow is not the future I had planned.

So today, I ponder where my butterfly wings will take me. He Who guides knows the answer. I must be here to shift something. You too.  Of all those born on the earth, you are the only one chosen to do some work. Let’s get it started. Go on; flap your wings.

Take a moment to watch this video on YouTube about Andy’s book here:


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