The Dream I Dream for You

Our dream for joy is (or, at least, it should be) the dream you dream for someone else. And not just for you and yours. And so, today, I dream a dream of greatness…just for you.

The Garden of Dreams is a neo-classical historical garden situated in the midst of the city of Kathmandu in Nepal. In the midst of this bustling, urban metropolis, the Garden of Dreams exists as a tranquil, lasting legacy of the extraordinary vision and talent of one man who dreamed a better world and then created it.

Closer to home, we have The Garden of Dreams Project at Madison Square Garden. In New York City, the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which has partnered with The Madison Square Garden Company, strives to make dreams come true for children who are facing various obstacles.

The projects involve the New York Knicks basketball team, Rangers hockey team and other connected entities. According to their web site, “in the six years since its inception, Garden of Dreams has worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission by creating unique and unforgettable events and activities—often involving unprecedented access to Madison Square Garden celebrities, events and venues—that have brightened the lives of thousands and thousands of special children and their families.” An example of their activities is surprise player visits scheduled for youngsters who are confined to local children’s hospitals.

In life, dreams can be shattered by virtue of the fact that life happens. When someone’s dreams have been broken, it’s our job to be there to help them bear their burden. Let’s face it, everyday joy is a global responsibility that we all share.

Suppose you choose not to be concerned.  Suppose you choose to ignore the broken dreams of others.  Then, where do you go to get away. Do you have a gate high enough, a neighborhood far enough away, a cocoon that really works? How do you rear your children in a world where there are no bullies, no drugs, no guns, no jails, no depression, no suicide, and no negatives? How do you create that circle? The answer is that you can’t, so that’s the reason it makes sense for everyone to help those beyond our inner circle to become whole, healed, healthy and…filled with joy.

The channel for everyday joy, on the global level, is that we care about one another. Each of us is responsible for building a spiritual Garden of Dreams that encompasses all of those whom we know and love…and the stranger you sit near on the bus or pass on the street as you’re cruising by in your comfortable, air conditioned car.

Make this personal note. Dream a garden for those who are homeless, helpless, abused, hungry, poor or illiterate. Whatever you can think of, just do it. Think of something meaningful, purposeful and helpful. Share the dream of everyday joy.

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